How to Create a Custom Bible

Step 1: Select a Bible
Select a Bible from the home or product page or from the first step of the editor.
Step 2: Use a Theme or Start from Scratch
Use a Theme:
1. Using the quick-start tutorial, select a theme from one of our many categories, including wedding, baby, animal, military, family, thank-you, and patriotic.
2. Double click a photo area to add a photo. Upload your artwork (if applicable; not all themes have preset photo areas).
3. Select an image to place
4. Crop, resize and adjust your photos. You aren’t locked in at this point. You can always delete and replace photos if you don’t like the existing layout.
5. Add clipart or shapes to your layout. Select “decorations” from the left menu to see what’s available. Once placed, use the controls to rotate and scale your clip art or shapes. Use the right-side menu to adjust color, layer order, and opacity.
6. Adjust the typography by editing the preset text or by adding new copy. You can select from a wide variety of fonts. Font color and sizing can also be adjusted. If you are having issues selecting a particular type or photo layer, use the layer tools to move objects forward or back in the layer ordering.
Start from Scratch:
1. Skip the quick-start tutorial or select “I’d rather start from scratch” to advance to the editor.
2. If you would like to insert your own artwork, select “images” on the left side of the page. Use images directly from your device by selecting “upload images.” When they’ve been uploaded, drag these images directly onto the canvas. Once placed, artwork can be resized, rotated, re-ordered by layer, and adjusted by opacity. You can also apply filters to imagery by selecting filters on the right side menu.
3. To add text, select “Text” on the left menu and click the “Add Text” button. Once your text is on the canvas, you can edit font, size, alignment, color, and style (bold or italic).
4. Add clipart by selecting “Decoratioins” followed by “Clipart” on the left. We offer a large assortment of clipart grouped by category in the drop-down menu. Simply click on the the artwork you’d like to use. After the clipart is placed on the canvas, you can resize, rotate, or adjust the layer order.
5. Add a shape by selecting the "decoration" followed by the "shapes" on the left menu. Simply click on the shape you'd like to use. Once placed, use the controls to rotate and scale your shape. Use the right-side menu to adjust color, layer order, and opacity.
6. If you decide you’d like to try a theme, it isn’t too late. You can always apply a theme by selecting “Theme” from the left menu. Selecting a theme will reset your current progress. Once a theme is selected, you can place your own photos or artwork by selecting any of the boxes that have the “place image here” copy present. At this point you can also edit the copy and the background color (depending on theme).
Finalizing Your Project
Once your project is complete, save your project and proceed through the order process.